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Welcome to the Lehmann Guitars blog! I'm Matt (alias: The Maestro) and this blog is a collaboration between me and Bernie Lehmann, guitar maker extraordinaire. Master luthier Bernie Lehmann has been building stringed instruments based on reliable and true models since 1971. I'm lucky enough to know one of the world's greatest guitar makers and this blog is my attempt to share some of his unique craft with you.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Today Bernie started work on a couple of brand new Rebecs! Rebecs are cool, pear-shaped, violin-like instruments that were the hottest thing in the medieval dance halls.

(photo courtsey medieval photo archive)

Bernie is combining his characteristic modern technical eclat and traditional artistic elan to build the hottest rebecs to hit the stage in centuries! Despite recent editorial laxity, I do hope to have further info and pics about Bernie's latest instruments soon. For now, click here to check out the Vielle & Rebec page at to see photos of some of Bernie's Rebecs and other medieval instruments.

If you are interested in more info on the 'electric guitar of the castle's great hall' the Wikipedia entry is as good a place to start as any.


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